b.1971, New Zealand
Australian based mixed media artist, sculptor and poet.


With numerous creative collaborations in roles such as art director, creative advisor, muse and stylist in the fashion and design industry, Méline’s professional career has forged forward as an independent, self-taught artist. Continuing the dialogue between art and fashion equips her not only as a ‘conscience’ artist, but also as one seeking to extend a beyond-now aspect of perception, by holding the viewer close via the vision and emotion within each piece.


Seeing beauty in imperfection is the silhouette of Méline’s work. The rich detail is revealed through the depth of layers, and is akin to the magical art of storytelling, with wildly expressive images and fragile, fluctuating notions pieced together as a narrative framework. Moving effortlessly between representation and abstraction, her exotic, poetic works exude a sense of beauty and energy from within, entrancing in their intimacy and imbued with a bold sensuality, broadcasting both focus and obsession.